From the most natural of ingredients my soaps are born. While only in the most positive of mind states, and with loving hands, I midwife these handmade hemp soaps into the world. The heaping helping of hemp in each of my soap is a royal treat for the skin and will enhance your overall well-being as you honor one of the many gifts this special little plant has to offer.

Hemp is rightly gaining notoriety as an incredibly useful plant. Its crops easily lend themselves to the production of paper, textiles, building materials, food, medicine, paint, and fuel (just to name a few of its many uses). The hemp seed oil used in my soap and natural body products offers no intoxicating properties other than the intoxicating sensation of its precious essential fatty acids being hungrily lapped up by the skin along with heady doses of vitamins E and A. I hope you enjoy these little luxuries half as much as I did making and dreaming them up!